• Accredited Chamber Executive (ACE)
    Program Overview


  • What is it?

    A designation that promotes and recognizes Chamber executive development. Candidates must attain a minimum number of points under the following categories:

    1. Years of Experience
    2. Participation in the Chamber Network
    3. Professional Development
    4. Chamber Development
    5. Chamber Leadership
    6. Community Leadership


    Why get your ACE?

    • Program offers a roadmap of activities that contribute to excellence in Chamber leadership and management
    • The ACE enhances awareness and credibility of the Chamber as a profession and demonstrates your commitment to the Chamber profession
    • Promote a culture of continuous learning in your Chamber.
    • Recognizes you for undertaking activities that can make you a better leader for your Chamber


    Who is eligible to apply?

    The ACE program is open to all CCEC members. There are 3 levels depending on your experience and scope of activities undertaken. Level 1 requires two years of experience and is attainable by smaller Chambers with limited budgets. Levels 2 and 3 require four and eight years of experience, respectively, and a higher level of participation in professional development and leadership activities.

    What is the cost?

    Level 1 - $100                     Level 2 - $200                     Level 3 - $300
    Renewal every three years $100


    How/When do I apply?

    Complete the ACE checklist and provide a letter of reference and submit to CCEC - Shelley Morris, shelley.morris@mts.net

    • For Chamber staff, reference from CEO required
    • For community Chamber CEO, reference from provincial Chamber required
    • For provincial Chamber CEO, reference from national Chamber required.


    Applications are accepted up to July 15th. Accredited Chamber Executives will be recognized at the CCEC conference in September.