• Why Join CCEC


    CCEC's Members

    CCEC membership is open to everyone employed (full or part-time) in an executive or administrative capacity by a Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade. CCEC currently has almost 300 professional staff from 150 member chambers of commerce participating in the organization. CEOs, as well as professional staff in communications, government relations, membership, sales and more, join CCEC to gain a competitive edge in creating a leading community organization. Our organization welcomes Chambers of all sizes - we have executives that manage Chambers with 130 to 9,000+ members, serving communities with populations ranging from 8,000 to 2 million.  

    Benefits of CCEC Membership

    If you and your Chamber would benefit from:

    • Making connections with a nation-wide network of executives that can be called upon for advice and solutions
    • Tapping into the collective creativity of the Chamber network for ideas that have been tried & tested elsewhere
    • Gaining access to valuable on-line information and resources when you need it
    • Pride and inspiration that comes from being a part of the larger Chamber community
    • Enhancing the overall effectiveness of you and your Chamber
    • Profiling your Chamber and your community

    . . . .then consider joining CCEC

    As a member, you can take advantage of

    • our annual professional development conference
    • regular webinars on topics of interest to you
    • our Member Resource Centre with a myriad of sample documents
    • bi-annual Compensation Survey & Report
    • Annual Awards program


    Annual membership fees are based on the size of your Chamber:

    • Chambers with < 500 member organizations - $200 (includes up to 2 representatives)
    • Chambers with 500-999 member organizations - $300 (includes up to 4 representatives)
    • Chambers with 1000+ member organizations - $400 (includes up to 6 representatives)
    • National/Provincial Chambers - $300 (includes up to 4 representatives)