• Accredited Chamber Executive (ACE)
    Program Overview


  • What is it?

    A designation that promotes and recognizes Chamber executive development. Candidates must attain a minimum number of points under the following categories:

    1. Years of Experience
    2. Participation in the Chamber Network
    3. Professional Development
    4. Chamber Development
    5. Chamber Leadership
    6. Community Leadership


    Why get your ACE?

    • Program offers a roadmap of activities that contribute to excellence in Chamber leadership and management
    • The ACE enhances awareness and credibility of the Chamber as a profession and demonstrates your commitment to the Chamber profession
    • Promote a culture of continuous learning in your Chamber.
    • Recognizes you for undertaking activities that can make you a better leader for your Chamber


    Who is eligible to apply?

    The ACE program is open to all CCEC members. There are 3 levels depending on your experience and scope of activities undertaken. Level 1 requires two years of experience and is attainable by smaller Chambers with limited budgets. Levels 2 and 3 require four and eight years of experience, respectively, and a higher level of participation in professional development and leadership activities.

    What is the cost?

    Level 1 - $100                     Level 2 - $200                     Level 3 - $300
    Renewal every three years $100


    How/When do I apply?

    Complete the ACE checklist and provide a letter of reference and submit to CCEC - Shelley Morris, shelley.morris513@gmail.com

    • For Chamber staff, reference from CEO required
    • For community Chamber CEO, reference from provincial Chamber required
    • For provincial Chamber CEO, reference from national Chamber required.


    See the ACE Application Guidelines for guidance on completing your application.
    Applications are accepted up to May 31. Accredited Chamber Executives will be recognized at the CCEC conference in September.

    For those who have achieved their ACE designation, you may wish to refer to the Use of ACE designation and logo document re: acceptable use of ACE and logo.