• CCEC Chamber Federation

    Greater collaboration with the provincial executive organizations is a key priority for CCEC. The following goals are included in CCEC’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan:

    • Conduct an environmental scan to address what services are provided by the various organizations and promote collaboration without duplication;
    • Consider forming “chapters” for those that are interested;
    • Identify other external partners that can assist with delivering on CCEC’s mandate.


    On Tuesday, September 12, 2023 the CCEC Board of Directors approved the creation of the CCEC Chamber Federation.


    What We’re Trying To Achieve:

    1. Increased collaboration and partnership across the Chamber network;
    2. Coordinated programming with reduced duplication;
    3. Reduced administrative tasks and greater membership synergies;
    4. Stronger organizations by following best practices in non-profit management;
    5. Increased capacity to deliver professional development programming; and
    6. A unified brand that is recognizable across the nation.

    The CCEC Chamber Federation is a formalized commitment for greater collaboration between CCEC and the provincial executive organizations. The fundamental goal is to increase the professional development opportunities that are available to Chamber staff and strengthen the Chamber Network as a whole.


    Options For Participation:

    Federated Partner: Independent non-profit organization that operates separately from CCEC

    Chapter: Operate as a committee of CCEC and report to the CCEC Board of Directors

    • All provincial executive organizations are invited to join the CCEC Chamber Federation. 
    • There is no cost to participate
    • Federated Partners and Chapters may join anytime and leave anytime
    • Federated Partners may transition to a Chapter anytime

    Download the full Chamber Federation report here.